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Lisa Harris-McLean

Coaching Women & Girls out of their FEAR into their GREATNESS.  

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(C) Passion Purpose and Profit


The truth is any woman can pursue her dream of starting a successful business. Any woman can change her life and build the one she’s always wanted. With a littleencouragement and the right amount of faith, determination & resources, you cando it too! Yes, YOU can create the life you desire and be paidto do it.

As a co-author in this book I shared in my chapter titled, "No Boundaries."

Here is a small taste of what you will find in my chapter:

"Yes, you can go anywhere in the world!" was exactly what I told the group of teen girls sitting across the table from me. Without hesitation I continued, "A promise is a promise!" By now they were all jumping out of their seats with excitement as I tried finish telling them: "I told you .......

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